Our Firm

The focus of Somerset's Wealth Management Team is wealth accumulation and preservation. We help you with your goals through proactive, creative and aggressive strategies and innovative thinking. Somerset's Wealth Management consultants have close client relationships that enable them to know clients' goals and dreams, talents and challenges. We listen, we share ideas and we help clients see things in new ways. Somerset helps clients put the pieces together for financial success.

Whether your goal is to pass your business down to your grandchildren, buy a vacation home or retire at age 50, Somerset's Wealth Management Team can open the door to new possibilities that are outside of the usual recommendations. We will look at your situation to develop strategies with growth potential. But we don't stop there. We help you implement every step of the way. Because we want you to have the best chance at success, we take an active role in building your wealth.

Somerset does not offer a group of investment products or one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we offer objective, unique strategies that take into consideration your estate planning, tax issues, retirement plans, business and personal lives. Wealth Management professionals work with Somerset experts in other service areas, such as tax and estate planning, to provide lifetime financial solutions. Our breadth of services and objectivity make our wealth management services truly unique.

Are you looking for new strategies, new thinking and creative solutions? Somerset's Wealth Management consultants are passionate about helping you succeed.